Friday, March 16, 2012

the marshmallow trick caused me to STINK MY PANTS

I recently was told about the wonderous effects marshmallows have as a laxative when inserted like a suppository as opposed to eating them. I was skeptical but very curious and could hardly wait to give them a try. Today I had my opportunity and oh my god, I could not believe the wonderous effect. I ended up filling my panties with a large and very mushy STINK and sitting in it was pure heaven! The person who told me about this phenomenon said if I tried it, I would become addicted and he was certainly accurate. I don't even think I had the full effect as I was confused on which size marshmallow to use so I may not have used enough but the results were still wonderful.
Today I used almost three of what I thought were large marshmallow. Insertion was a bit tricky but after soaking them in water they get very slippery which makes the task easier. With the marshmallow "suppository" in place, I put on pink flowery cotton panties, plastic pants, and a long leg panty girdle then went to Wal-Mart for my fun. After being there about 15 minutes I was starting to feel cramps and getting the urge to make a STINK. I kept standing where I was at looking at bike helmets when I felt some goo ooze out of my rectum. I assumed it was marshmallow goo but by then I was also really feeling the need for a BM. I probably could have held out a little longer but I didn't want to. I relaxed my bowels and oh my god.......I completely filled my pants with creamy STINK!!! It was all bubbly when it came out and felt so wonderful! I put my hand on my butt and could feel a large bulge in my jeans. I pushed on it to squish it as I was it seemed like it had to be quite obvious. As much as I would enjoy being "caught" I still can't seem to make myself let it happen. The smell also made it very obvious that I had STINK in my pants so I decided it was time to leave. When I got to the parking lot and sat in my vehicle, I felt my creamy STINK spread all over my butt and between my legs. I couldn't believe how creamy it was and it felt sooooo good. It's been a long time since I've had that much of a creamy mess in my panties. By the time I got home, there were stains in my jeans as some of my STINK had escaped my panties and plastic pants into my girdle. I enjoyed sitting in my STINK while writing an e-mail to thank the person who had turned me on to this unique "laxative". I then masturbated while sitting in my creamy bubbly STINK! I'm really looking forward to the next time I can have this type of fun! I love to STINK my pants!!!

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