Sunday, October 27, 2013

Being watched on webcam...

I really love to masturbate on webcam and be watched while I "play with myself". I hadn't done it for awhile but this past Friday I signed on to Webcamnow with my screen name SissyInPanty and fully enjoyed myself. I had up to 6 people viewing me and telling me what to do. I really love being told what to do and following their orders! I started out by rubbing myself through my pretty panties. It wasn't long before I was told to pull my panties down and jerk off for everyone to see. The excitement was too much and I told them that I needed to stop as I didn't want to cum yet. They then had me turn around, bend over, spread my cheeks so they could see my hole and beg to have a cock in my butt. When I turned back to face the camera I pulled my panties back up then began to rub myself through them again. While I played with myself I had to tell everyone that I wanted to suck cock and swallow cum. After a few minutes I pulled my panties back down and began to slap my cock against my belly. I told everyone "I'm a sissy and I'm beating my meat". I don't know why but watching myself do this and hearing my cock slapping against my belly really excites me. It was pretty obvious from my moaning that I was getting really turned on. One guy told me to tell him how much I loved to beat my meat and beg to suck his cock. I stood there slapping my cock against my belly while saying "Sir, I love to beat my meat. I love beating my meat for you. Please, let me suck your cock while I beat my meat. I will suck your cock and swallow your cum. Please fill my mouth with cum". He kept telling me he was going to ram his cock down my throat and give me a big hot load of cum to swallow. Then he said "hold out your hand and start jerking off for me sissy". I did as I was told then he said "Now cum....and catch every drop". As soon as he told me to cum I started to shoot my load. I continued jerking off and when I finished ejaculating I had a large load of hot cum in my hand. The guy then told me to eat my cum like a sissy and to make sure everyone could watch me do it. I held my hand up near my webcam then ate my cum. Being watched while I masturbated and ate my cum was such a turn on. Now I can't wait to do it all again.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Showing my face in pictures.....

Although this picture is of my backside, I am now out of control with allowing my face to be seen in pictures that I post on various websites. I have totally exposed my identity by allowing nearly anyone with access to the websites to see me dressed in my pretty sissy undies, masturbating, and OMG yes.....even making STINK in my panties! It's so insane and I know I'm risking being seen by someone that knows me....and yet I can't keep myself from doing it. Every time that I see one of the pictures has been viewed or commented on, it gets me incredibly aroused, especially the pictures of me wearing STINK filled panties! If you are on Flickr, I have a large number of pictures that show my face while dressed in my sissy panties and bra, sucking a rubber cock and rubbing my excited wee-wee. There are also several of me masturbating. I'm InPanties24Seven. If you have an account at ExperienceProject, you can find me as SissyInPanty. Ask to be a friend and you will not only see some of the same pictures that are on Flickr but you will also be able to see a large number of pictures of me with STINK in my panties.....including some that show my face. There aren't many things more exciting to a panty pooping sissy than to be seen with STINK in his pants! Check out my pictures and please leave comments.....I love them!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I want to suck a cock again......

I've tried putting it out of my mind but it's no use.....I WANT TO SUCK A COCK!!! I admit it again...I WANT TO SUCK A COCK AND SWALLOW A BIG HOT LOAD OF CUM!!! Isn't there anyone around that wants to have their cock sucked by a panty wearing sissy? I need it so bad.....someone please help me find a big cock to suck. I'm ready and waiting!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Naughty pictures exposing myself....I must be insane

Ever since I had the capability of taking digital pictures and uploading them, I have posted pictures on various websites of myself wearing panties, pooping in panties, or masturbating. The pictures either did not include my face or my face was blocked out in order to remain anonymous. On occasion when I would communicate with someone directly via e-mail and they wanted to trade pictures, I would send them pictures that showed my face. I don't know why but I found it to be very arousing to no longer be anonymous in the photos and would masturbate while looking at the pictures that I sent, knowing someone was actually "seeing me" being so naughty. I can't believe what a turn on it is for me to let people see me doing naughty things! I guess that's also why I get so excited showing myself on webcam. Over the years I had always been very discreet about having my face seen in my naughty pictures. Occasionally I would share some on my Flickr website but I would only let them be seen for a few days before I would make them private. All of that changed last year when I first began posting pictures at Motherless in which my face was showing. The pictures showed me pooping and masturbating in panties and had been extracted from video's in my younger days. Since my face has changed over the past twenty years and with the pictures being mostly "grainy" I wasn't overly concerned with having someone I know recognize me. The bad thing is that these pictures have now become fuel for my deviant sexual desires. I got so aroused by having explicit photos showing my face on a public website that I couldn't resist the desire to post more for people to see. A few months ago I again made public all the photos on Flickr that I had previously posted for only a few days. Once I opened that floodgate I couldn't control myself. Since then I have uploaded a number of pictures of myself either masturbating, wearing pretty panties, dressed as a sissy in panties, or simulating cock sucking with a rubber dildo. Almost all of the pictures show my face as I fully expose my identity to any viewers. My little wee-wee is again getting excited right now just thinking about having people see those pictures. As crazy as it was that I've exposed myself on Flickr and Motherless.....I've now posted even more humiliating explicit pictures on my EP account. If you've been following my blog I'm sure that you can already guess that those pictures include my panty pooping activity. So now, anyone who is a friend of mine on EP can see pictures of me showing my face and wearing panties filled with STINK! Yes I know it's really weird but I LOVE IT, and being seen with STINK in my panties excites me the most! A few months ago I was contacted by Master D. He has seen pictures of me and told me that he wanted me to be his online sissy. We have had private webcam sessions where I masturbate for him while I worship his cock. He sometimes gives me sissy tasks and assignments. One of his assignments was for me to make a video of myself masturbating while dressed as a sissy. I was instructed that my face had to be visible throughout the video and that I had to post it at Motherless. I have now also been instructed to post the link here on my blog. Copy and paste the following ling to see the video.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Recent fun on webcam

It's been a while since I had a really enjoyable time masturbating on a live webcam but my last time was definitely fun. I was dressed in white silky panties and a white bra when I logged on at as CockInPanty. I began checking out various live webcams to see what interesting activity I could find. I generally check out the webcams with females first but as is usually the case, there really wasn't anyone interesting. Of course being a sissy, I enjoy the webcams with men also. I prefer guys who are forty to sixty years old and the ones that are't too physically fit. I don't know why but watching an average guy playing with his cock is more of a turn on for me than some studly guy with a great physique. Anyway, I found a couple guys to watch and flipped back and forth between them, rubbing my sissy little wee-wee in my panties as they played with their cocks. A few people came into my room to check me out but no one messaged me. After being on webcam for about ten minutes Miss Sindee entered my room and started a conversation. She told me she wss married and enjoyed making her husband be a sissy. She told me some things she's made him do and I commented on how lucky he was. She then asked if I would like to be her sissy and I anxiously admitted that I would. Miss Sindee then began telling me the things she would make me do and my wee-wee started getting very aroused. It was HOT! She told me how she would make me dress as a woman and make me beg for her to fuck my boy pussy with a big strap-on dildo. She would then bring in a man and I would be required to lick his ball as he fucked her. When he was done I would have to lick her pussy clean. I would then have to suck the mans cock and get him ready for her again. As Miss Sindee told me everything I would have to do I became more and more aroused. She then began asking me questions and made me admit to everyone in the room that I wanted to have my boy pussy fucked by a big cock and that I desired to suck cock and swallow cum. It wasn't long before I was so turned on I could hardly control myself and Miss Sindee had me right where she wanted me. She told me to play with my sissy cock in my panties for her and she then said since I was her sissy she wanted me to cum in my panties for her. I moaned with pleasure as I asked "you want me to cum in my panties?" and she replied "Yes, NOW!" And oh my god, I creamed them for her! I shot a large hot load in my pretty panties for Miss Sindee and it was wonderful!

Friday, February 24, 2012

my game today at the mall..."STINK Your Pants Now"

It's my day off work and when I woke up this morning I already knew I wanted to have fun making STINK in my pants at the local mall again. I had a strong urge for a poop all morning but knew I wanted to hold it until at least 10AM in order to let the mall get a little busier. Back many years ago I used to play a game of chance that I called "STINK your pants now" where I would have to mess my pants at a random time and place. I think I have mentioned it in a previous writing. I updated the game somewhat and played it today.

I prepared by putting on white full cut cotton panties, plastic pants, and a firm control long leg panty girdle under my jeans. I also inserted a Dulcolax laxative suppository prior to leaving my house. When I arrived at the mall I set the alarm on my cell phone for a random time approximately 20 minutes later, turned it on vibrate and put it in my pocket. I then began walking around in the mall with the intent being that as soon as I felt the vibrations when the alarm went off, no matter where I was at or who was near me, I would immediately have to STINK my pants. I made sure not to look at my watch and even though I knew I would have a general idea when it was getting near 20 minutes, I knew I wouldn't know exactly when it would be. I had to poop pretty badly even before I used the suppository so it didn't take long while walking in the mall before the urge to go was getting very strong. It was a wonderful feeling because I knew without a doubt when the time arrived I would be able to fill my pants with STINK.

I was on the escalator in JC Penny about a third of the way up and two women were just getting on at the bottom when I felt the vibration from my cell phone. I glanced back towards the women then grunted and my panties were quickly filled with warm creamy STINK!!! The girdle did a great job of causing the soft poo to spread out in my panties. It felt so good and I was so turned on. When I got off the escalator I put my hand on my butt and pushed into the STINK to spread it out even further. I then left Penney's and walked a short ways through the mall then sat down on a bench and pretended to check my cell phone for messages. The plastic pants were doing a good job of holding in the smell so I continued to sit there for about 5 minutes enjoying myself with the thought of sitting in the mall with my pants full of STINK and no one having any idea of it at all. After that, I continued walking around inside the mall for about 15 more minutes before leaving.

I enjoyed myself so much at the mall and since the smell was so well contained I didn't want to stop my fun just yet. I had a few items that I needed to get at Meijers so I stopped there on my way home. As I walked in the store I couldn't believe I was going inside to shop with my pants already full of creamy messy STINK. I walked around the store for about 10 minutes before getting my items then took them to the self check-out lane. As I scanned my items I was able to detect a slight odor and I was hoping no one would come up behind me before I was done. I made it undetected then came home and masturbated prior to cleaning up my messy pants.

I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again.....Im a sissy and I Love to STINK MY PANTS!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

I STINK MY first time in a store after taking a laxative

One of the more memorable moments I enjoy thinking about is the first time that I made STINK in my panties in a store after taking a laxative. I had taken laxatives on a number of occasions at my home when I would STINK my panties but had never used them when doing it in a public place. When I had finally decided to try it, I was a little nervous as I knew there was the potential for the soft messy STINK to stain through my pants and be very noticeable. I had a few days off from work and after not having a BM for two days, I knew it would be a good time to make a laxative induced STINK in my panties at a store. I took a laxative before going to bed and it wasn't long after I awoke the next morning that I really needed to poop badly! Even though I had planned on going to a store that is open 24 hours, it was still early and I was hoping to wait until later in the morning when the store would be busier to make it more exciting. I put on pink Hanes Her Way full cut cotton panties and a Playtex firm control long leg panty girdle under my jeans to give myself as much "protection" as I could then sat down to wait while hoping I would be able to control myself for longer. Even though the laxative was doing it's job and it was a struggle to not STINK my pants, I managed to wait until around 9:30AM before leaving my house for the ten minute drive to the store I had chosen to go to. When I arrived at the store I was really feeling nervous about what I was planning to do but by then I needed to poop so badly that I didn't have time to think much about it. I wanted to make a big messy STINK in my pants in a public location and I wasn't about to lose the opportunity that I had. I walked quickly through the large store to the back where the CD's and video's were located then stopped and pretended to be looking for a CD. At that moment I felt like I couldn't wait for even another minute and since there was no one else standing in that same aisle I began my usual ritual by quietly saying to myself "oh god I can't hold it in any longer, I'm going to STINK my pants". I was really nervous about how messy my STINK might be so I just tried to relax my sphincter slightly and I felt a small amount of very soft STINK ooze into my panties. It was warm and creamy and felt so wonderful that I knew I wanted to have more of it in my pants. By then it didn't matter what I wanted. I had lost control of my bowels and felt an enormous amount of hot mushy STINK filling my panties and spreading out over my butt followed immediately by another enormous amount of more mushy STINK. In a matter of seconds I had completely filled my pants with the biggest pile of soft mushy STINK that I could imagine and I still wasn't done. Thus far the girdle seemed to be containing the large amount of messy STINK and since I was confident none had gotten into my pants I quickly decided that I wanted to FILL my panties with as much STINK as I could before leaving the store. There was still no one nearby to where I was standing so I grunted then heard the bubbly sound of mushy runny STINK as I felt another large amount of the hot creamy mess spreading in my panties. My desire had been to completely fill my panties with STINK and I knew right away that I had certainly accomplished that. I could tell the gooey mess had already oozed far enough between my legs to cover my balls and some of it had pushed out of the leg openings of my panties down into the legs of my girdle. The odor around me left no doubt that I had just made STINK in my pants and I knew I needed to leave the area immediately then started walking towards the exit. As I walked through the store I was very aware of the large mess I had in my pants and enjoyed every moment of it.

After leaving the store I sat down in my van in the parking lot to drive home and squished the massive pile of STINK I had in my pants. I have to say that I REALLY ENJOYED THAT!!! The warm mushy mess went everywhere! Up my backside, around my butt cheeks, and it pushed so far up into the front of my panties that I could feel it on my fully aroused wee-wee. I started sliding my butt back and forth in my STINK and was going to masturbate at that moment but then decided to wait until I got home to have fun. Every time I would get stopped at a traffic signal I would again slide my butt back and forth in my STINK as I totally enjoyed having such a large amount in my panties. As I would move my butt the firmness of my girdle would also massage my erection with my STINK that had pushed into the front of the panties and that was really turning me on. After about the fifth traffic signal I couldn't take the excitement any longer and ejaculated into my STINK filled panties! While I was enjoying myself as I drove home I never really thought about how much of a mess I was making but as soon as I parked in my driveway and got out of the van it became very apparent. I saw STINK on the back of the seat then as I put my hand on my back I could feel the gooey mess on my shirt. I didn't know at that moment how bad it was but still I began to panick a little as I knew I was standing in full view of my neighbors house in broad daylight with STINK visibly showing on my back. I hurried into my house and as far as I know, I wasn't seen. If I had been it was REALLY obvious that I had completely messed my pants. There was thick light brown STINK on my jeans from where it had pushed over the top of the waist and there was also STINK on about the lower four inches of the shirt I was wearing. It was exciting for me when I pulled down my panties and looked at my limp wee-wee covered with STINK but even more exciting to see my cum mixed in with my STINK in the front of the panties. After that day it's always been a special treat whenever I have enough messy STINK in my panties that it squishes up in the front and I'm able to masturbate my wee-wee in my STINK. Of course there have also been other times where I have teken STINK in my hand and used it as a lubricant while stroking my wee-wee but that isn't quite as much fun as the other way. I still remember that day well and even though I've wanted to repeat the event as far as the amount of STINK I had in my panties while being in public, thus far I have not been able to accomplish it. I am still hoping that someday I can make that much STINK in my pants again while in a public location.