Friday, November 8, 2013

Eating STINK!

In my younger days I sometimes couldn't resist the strange desire to taste my own stink. I think the last time was at least 14 years ago. Recently I have again become infatuated with watching video's of women being forced to eat poo. Seeing them get their mouths filled and the expressions on their faces really excites me. I love watching them when they are made to swallow a mouthful of creamy STINK! I can only imagine what that would be like and after watching the video's I again started having the desire to eat some of my own STINK! A few weeks ago after making STINK in my panties I couldn't resist the desire any longer. I pushed my fingers inside my panties and got them covered with stinky poo then lifted them to my nose to enjoy the aroma. I began to lick my poo then took a small amount into my mouth. I then cum in my panties as I swallowe my STINK!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Being watched on webcam...

I really love to masturbate on webcam and be watched while I "play with myself". I hadn't done it for awhile but this past Friday I signed on to Webcamnow with my screen name SissyInPanty and fully enjoyed myself. I had up to 6 people viewing me and telling me what to do. I really love being told what to do and following their orders! I started out by rubbing myself through my pretty panties. It wasn't long before I was told to pull my panties down and jerk off for everyone to see. The excitement was too much and I told them that I needed to stop as I didn't want to cum yet. They then had me turn around, bend over, spread my cheeks so they could see my hole and beg to have a cock in my butt. When I turned back to face the camera I pulled my panties back up then began to rub myself through them again. While I played with myself I had to tell everyone that I wanted to suck cock and swallow cum. After a few minutes I pulled my panties back down and began to slap my cock against my belly. I told everyone "I'm a sissy and I'm beating my meat". I don't know why but watching myself do this and hearing my cock slapping against my belly really excites me. It was pretty obvious from my moaning that I was getting really turned on. One guy told me to tell him how much I loved to beat my meat and beg to suck his cock. I stood there slapping my cock against my belly while saying "Sir, I love to beat my meat. I love beating my meat for you. Please, let me suck your cock while I beat my meat. I will suck your cock and swallow your cum. Please fill my mouth with cum". He kept telling me he was going to ram his cock down my throat and give me a big hot load of cum to swallow. Then he said "hold out your hand and start jerking off for me sissy". I did as I was told then he said "Now cum....and catch every drop". As soon as he told me to cum I started to shoot my load. I continued jerking off and when I finished ejaculating I had a large load of hot cum in my hand. The guy then told me to eat my cum like a sissy and to make sure everyone could watch me do it. I held my hand up near my webcam then ate my cum. Being watched while I masturbated and ate my cum was such a turn on. Now I can't wait to do it all again.

Friday, August 30, 2013

More fun bike rides.....

I've had a number of enjoyable bicycle rides this summer through the surrounding neighborhoods and on the nearby bike trail that became even more enjoyable when I stopped at the halfway mark and filled my panties with STINK! I can't begin to describe how delightful it is as I stand there on the bike path and go number two in my panties! I love it so much!!! And it feels so wonderful smearing STINK on my butt then sitting down in my messy panties for my ride home. I then find it exciting to ride past the female walkers/joggers and thinking "if they only knew". I'm certain they see me as a 57 year old male getting exercise. They have no idea that I'm a sissy wearing panties filled with STINK! I would truly love to see their expressions and hear their comments if they could see that I made STINK in my pants!!! Each of the attached pictures were taken after returning from a ride. I would have loved to have all the women that I rode by to see how messy my panties were!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A fun bike ride today....

It was a pleasant morning so I decided to go for my first bike ride this year and planned to STINK my pants while on the ride. I don't have enough nerve to STINK my pants in public without some sort of protection so I put on plastic pants and a long leg panty girdle over my cotton panties. I already needed to poo before I left the house but to make things more interesting I also inserted a suppository. I was about two miles from the end of my six mile ride when I stopped the bike to check out a minor problem I was having. After correcting the problem I was more than ready for a BM. I then stood next to my bicycle and began to fill my panties with very creamy STINK. It was so soft and warm....and it was such a turn on to be standing in public filling my pants with STINK again. I know it probably sounds silly but there's nothing more exciting that making STINK in my pants in a public place! It felt wonderful when I sat back down on my bicycle seat and felt warm creamy STINK pushing up my butt crack. Those last two miles of my ride were absolutely the best! Hopefully I'll be enjoying many more bike rides like this one during the upcoming summer. It would be really exciting if I could get up the nerve to do it without wearing any protection. I can only imagine how it would be with a noticeable stain in the seat of my pants and having everyone who saw me know that my pants were full of STINK! I'm certain by the time I was done with that ride my panties would be full of CUM too! The included pictures were taken after I got back from my bike ride. If you look closely at the girdle picture you can see a slightyly darker area from my STINK. Inthe picture with the plastic pants, it's quite obvious that my panties were indeed full of STINK.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Showing my face in pictures.....

Although this picture is of my backside, I am now out of control with allowing my face to be seen in pictures that I post on various websites. I have totally exposed my identity by allowing nearly anyone with access to the websites to see me dressed in my pretty sissy undies, masturbating, and OMG yes.....even making STINK in my panties! It's so insane and I know I'm risking being seen by someone that knows me....and yet I can't keep myself from doing it. Every time that I see one of the pictures has been viewed or commented on, it gets me incredibly aroused, especially the pictures of me wearing STINK filled panties! If you are on Flickr, I have a large number of pictures that show my face while dressed in my sissy panties and bra, sucking a rubber cock and rubbing my excited wee-wee. There are also several of me masturbating. I'm InPanties24Seven. If you have an account at ExperienceProject, you can find me as SissyInPanty. Ask to be a friend and you will not only see some of the same pictures that are on Flickr but you will also be able to see a large number of pictures of me with STINK in my panties.....including some that show my face. There aren't many things more exciting to a panty pooping sissy than to be seen with STINK in his pants! Check out my pictures and please leave comments.....I love them!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I want to suck a cock again......

I've tried putting it out of my mind but it's no use.....I WANT TO SUCK A COCK!!! I admit it again...I WANT TO SUCK A COCK AND SWALLOW A BIG HOT LOAD OF CUM!!! Isn't there anyone around that wants to have their cock sucked by a panty wearing sissy? I need it so bad.....someone please help me find a big cock to suck. I'm ready and waiting!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Naughty pictures exposing myself....I must be insane

Ever since I had the capability of taking digital pictures and uploading them, I have posted pictures on various websites of myself wearing panties, pooping in panties, or masturbating. The pictures either did not include my face or my face was blocked out in order to remain anonymous. On occasion when I would communicate with someone directly via e-mail and they wanted to trade pictures, I would send them pictures that showed my face. I don't know why but I found it to be very arousing to no longer be anonymous in the photos and would masturbate while looking at the pictures that I sent, knowing someone was actually "seeing me" being so naughty. I can't believe what a turn on it is for me to let people see me doing naughty things! I guess that's also why I get so excited showing myself on webcam. Over the years I had always been very discreet about having my face seen in my naughty pictures. Occasionally I would share some on my Flickr website but I would only let them be seen for a few days before I would make them private. All of that changed last year when I first began posting pictures at Motherless in which my face was showing. The pictures showed me pooping and masturbating in panties and had been extracted from video's in my younger days. Since my face has changed over the past twenty years and with the pictures being mostly "grainy" I wasn't overly concerned with having someone I know recognize me. The bad thing is that these pictures have now become fuel for my deviant sexual desires. I got so aroused by having explicit photos showing my face on a public website that I couldn't resist the desire to post more for people to see. A few months ago I again made public all the photos on Flickr that I had previously posted for only a few days. Once I opened that floodgate I couldn't control myself. Since then I have uploaded a number of pictures of myself either masturbating, wearing pretty panties, dressed as a sissy in panties, or simulating cock sucking with a rubber dildo. Almost all of the pictures show my face as I fully expose my identity to any viewers. My little wee-wee is again getting excited right now just thinking about having people see those pictures. As crazy as it was that I've exposed myself on Flickr and Motherless.....I've now posted even more humiliating explicit pictures on my EP account. If you've been following my blog I'm sure that you can already guess that those pictures include my panty pooping activity. So now, anyone who is a friend of mine on EP can see pictures of me showing my face and wearing panties filled with STINK! Yes I know it's really weird but I LOVE IT, and being seen with STINK in my panties excites me the most! A few months ago I was contacted by Master D. He has seen pictures of me and told me that he wanted me to be his online sissy. We have had private webcam sessions where I masturbate for him while I worship his cock. He sometimes gives me sissy tasks and assignments. One of his assignments was for me to make a video of myself masturbating while dressed as a sissy. I was instructed that my face had to be visible throughout the video and that I had to post it at Motherless. I have now also been instructed to post the link here on my blog. Copy and paste the following ling to see the video.